Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini
Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini
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Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini

Bright mini USB light with 110 Lumens, and collapsible diffuser for lantern or area light. Chainable LED light that pairs perfect with any Goal Zero recharger. Plus additional colored shades can be purchased to fit any adventure.




  • CHAINABLE TENT LIGHT Bright and lightweight, 110 lumens capable of lighting up a tent. Collapsible diffuser for soft or spot light. Chainable with up to 4 lights. Carabiner included for hanging.

  • USB POWERED Low-powered draw for long-lasting light from any USB port, including Goal Zero rechargers.






Power the Light-A-Life Mini from any USB port. Pairs perfectly with Goal Zero Rechargers.




You can chain up to 4 Light-A-Life minis together. Chained lights can be turned on and off independent of each other.

Warning: While in use, the metal neck of the Light-a-Life mini will become hot to the touch.

Area Light (up): For broad, bright light, use the Light-a-Life Mini in its area light mode. This is a great mode for outdoor use.

Lantern Light (down): For soft, ambient light, use the Light-a-Life Mini in its lantern mode. This is a great mode for indoor use.


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