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Cicer One, Scute Data Protection Solution

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Scute Data Protection Solution 

With the migration to the cloud, our IT assets are no longer under our primary control, and our most valuable asset – our data, is sitting in that model. We don’t know geographically where it’s sitting, how many copies were made for business continuity purposes, or exactly who has access to it from the Cloud Service provider, the Telco, their sub-contractors and even foreign governments. The client/server architecture landscape has become increasingly complex with cloud and hybrid environments, and small to medium business often don’t have the budget to setup this type of environment to make it easy to securely communicate with partners, clients and vendors. 

Enter the SCUTE™ system from Cicer One Technologies. Cicer One is a data privacy company. We believe that your data is your most valuable asset and that you should always know where it is and who has access to it.



SCUTE™ was designed to counter-balance the need for all those third party security controls, or point products, and take back control of your data with an on-premise secured data exchange platform that is simplified and affordable. It is a fully sealed system – not even Cicer One is involved in the exchange of your data. All communication is encrypted in-transit and at rest. No code can be executed on the system, virtually eliminating the risk of ransomware attacks.