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iPhone 7

iP 7 Plus
iPhone 7
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iPhone 7 Plus
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iPhone 6

Space Pack iPhone 6
iPhone 6 / 6s
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Space Pack iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6 / 6s Plus
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Juice pack S7e
Galaxy S7 edge
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Juice Pack S7
Galaxy S7
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Juice Pack S6
Galaxy S6
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Mophie Powerstations

With enough battery to recharge a smartphone up to seven times, this powerstation battery is also designed for users who need to power multiple devices.

Other Battery Cases

Choose the best battery case for your smartphone Regardless of your phone allegiance, stay powered with innovative battery cases for your iPhone, Samsung or HTC. Stay connected and do more with mobile power solutions from mophie..

Mophie Docks

Keep your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or Apple Watch powered on an elegant, convenient docking station. Stay charged at home, work, or in the car with mophie.

Apple Watch

Shop Apple Watch dock & power accessories.

Samsung Charges

Samsung Galaxy battery cases & accessories


Cables, adapters, belt clips and etc...

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